Clive Christian

The history of Clive Christian Perfumery began in 1999, when Clive Christian, one of London's most eminent designers, acquired the Crown Perfumery Company that had been supplying perfumery to Queen Victoria's court in the 19th century. From this moment the renaissance of perfumery luxury began. Clive Christian recreated the crown perfume house, gave it his own name and a modern character. Clive Christian began to produce the world's most expensive fragrances based on rare and precious ingredients. Clive set himself a goal to create truly luxurious and aristocratic perfume house, but he didn’t intend to recreate fragrances of the 19th century. Due to his merits in the perfumery world Clive Christian was honored to create a fragrance for the anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen and for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. And then Clive Christian was awarded with the coat of arms and the title of lord.

“There are three main principles in my Company, and I follow them in everything I do. The first and foremost rule is the creation’s exclusive right to be called a luxury item. What is meant by this concept? For me luxury should contain three components – the highest quality, exclusivity and timelessness” – Clive Christian.


To say these fragrances are made from expensive ingredients and bottled in expensive bottles means to belittle the Clive Christian’s creations. These fragrances are almost unique in their composition, and the bottles are the precious works of art. All collections are produced limitedly, no more than 1000 pieces at a time, and the brilliant bottle Baccarat Clive Christian No. 1 got into the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive fragrance in a history of perfumery.

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