Korloff Jardin du Luxembourg Collection

Korloff French jewellery brand is globally renowned not only for the original design of its luxurious jewellery, watches and accessories but also for the invented and patented diamond-cutting techniques with 88, 73 and 65 facets instead of classical 57, which increases their size visually and sheds peculiar lustre on them. Unique pieces of jewellery of the brand are preferred by royalty, successful businessmen, politicians and bright showbiz stars.

The walks of the creators of the "Jardin du Luxembourg" Collection through the Luxembourg Garden – a colourful oasis in the centre of modern Paris - grand and splendid in any season, served as the inspiration for the "Jardin du Luxembourg" Collection.  
The "Jardin du Luxembourg" watches collection reflects the changing seasons: each of the four models with the mother of pearl dial shaped after tender jasmine flowers and petals set with natural coloured diamonds.    
Spring is represented by exquisite pink tones, remembering delicate colours of newly fresh flowers. Summer shines with sunny bright natural yellow diamonds and deep blue sea sapphires. Autumn is symbolised by natural colour yellow, orange and dark orange diamonds, same as colourful tree leaves. Pure white diamonds represent winter with virgin snow. White transparent and two natural pink diamonds in the centre of the flowers add to the preciousness of the timepiece.       

Quartz movement Swiss Ronda 762, case made of 316L stainless steel, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, mother of pearl dial with natural colour diamonds, case size 30 mm x 39 mm, colours and materials of the straps vary according to the models.

"Jardin du Luxembourg" rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants also have the major element of the watches’ line – the jasmine flower, masterly integrated in the design of all jewelleries. Made of white or pink gold and decorated with white diamonds, blue or pink sapphires, these jewelleries will perfectly complement your image or become its key element. 



"Jardin du Luxembourg" and other Korloff collections are represented in the Sheremetyevo Duty Free Heinemann store, located in the "clean area" of Terminal E opposite to the departure gate 39.

Korloff official website: www.korloffparis.com


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