Discover the new world of wanderings with a new fragrance by Chloe Nomade


The Chloe women carries her a freedom and an immutable, natural elegance. Confident inspiring, she flourishes through her experiences and encounters, asserting who she is without ever imposing it. This inner strength leads her to embrace otherness. Her gaze turns to other horizons, her energy propels her towards new faces…

And this very moment, in this light, facing the unknown, she embodies all the world’s possibilities and this bond to others that erases borders.

She leaves in her wake, a fragrance that defines her everywhere she goes, in every place she travels. A perfume in her image… Nomad, just like her.

A mix of softness and strength, the facets of this powerful floral chepre blow like the winds of freedom. The intense, mineral character of the oak moss is shrouded in the voluptuous sweetness of the Mirabelle plum. From this freshness emanates a sensation of flowery luminescence carried by freesia.

Round O-shaped curves, eye-letter of Chloe, bring a softness that contrasts with the graphic lines of the collar. 

A bottle that evokes a journey, transparent to allow a rosy beige light to filter through and a cap with bright reflections sealed by a pink knot. A package as a precious case, in a pink blush with golden finishes.


Women’s perfume water Chloe Nomade is available in Sheremetyevo Duty Free Heinemann in the following sizes: eau de parfum 50 ml and 75 ml; deodorant spray 100 ml; body lotion 200 ml


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