Meet the new fragrances Aqua Allegoria by Guerlain – special for summer 2016

French perfume house Guerlain has replenished its Aqua Allegoria collection with two bright novelties – Rosa Pop and Pera Granita.

Rosa Pop is a true ode to the fragrant pink rose. The bouquet complements sensuous notes of peony and violet, sparkling lemon and juicy red berries.

Pera Granita - посвящение летнему фруктовому саду: здесь сплелись спелая груша, терпкие цитрусовые – грейпфрут, бергамот, лимон; цветы апельсинового дерева и османтус. Основой композиции стали белый кедр и нежный мускус.  Pera Granita is a devotion to the summer fruit garden: here entwined ripe pear, tart citrus – grapefruit, bergamot, lemon; orange blossom and osmanthus. The basis of this composition is white cedar and gentle musk. 

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